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Titan Oil Tools, Oilfield Supplies

Titan Oil Tools oilfield supply, provides a complete procurement service for the Gas, Petrochemical & Oil Industries including on and offshore emergency spare parts. Our wide range of oilfield equipment and oilfield supplies are of exceptional quality, made in the USA and are API and ISO certified. They include:

  • Mud pump parts 
  • Mud pump expendables 
  • Mud pump liners
  • Swab cups
  • Garrett turbine parts 
  • AiResearch gas turbine parts 
  • AiResearch turbochargers 
  • Elliott Steam Turbine Parts 
  • Guiberson type parts
  • Cameron BOP type parts
  • Shaffer BOP type parts

  • Diesel Bearings and Parts  

  • Cameron Valves
  • Blowout Preventer parts 
  • Blowout Preventer spares 
  • Downhole tools
  • Downhole fishing tools 
  • Oilfield fishing tools 
  • Oilfield Hydraulic Valves 
  • Oilfield Pipe Handling Rotary Equipment 
  • Oil Tools 
  • Drawworks parts 
  • Steam Turbine Parts 
  • Turbine Bearings and Parts
  • Compressor Bearings and Parts


We provide oilfield spares and spare parts for many major U.S. manufacturers and equipment, including: Airesearch, Elliott, Emerson Process, Continental Emsco Mud Pumps, Gardner Denver Triplex Pumps, Gaso Mud Pumps , Garrett, Harrisburg , Centrifugal Pump, Honeywell, Mission Centrifugal mud pumps, Mud Pump Expendables, National Mud Pump , NOV, Pratt & Whitney, Trico, Rosemount Analytical, Union Pump, Varco, Veritrak, Web Wilson, Wilson Snyder, Wheatley Mud Pumps, and Westinghouse Transmitters and obsolete and hard to source items.

From annular blowout preventer’s parts to RAM BOPs, from mud pump parts to Drawworks spares our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality and value in aftermarket, OEM, and reverse engineered replacement parts for such commodities as oil field equipment, refineries, and pipelines.

Call or email us today for all your oil tool needs!

The Best Oilfield Supply Company:

Titan Oil Tools  understands our customer's critical need for high-quality USA made oil tools and parts, delivered on time, when and where you need them. Titan Oil Tools will provide the highest quality oil tools and oilfield parts and  equipment made in the USA.   We offer a complete line of oilfield supplies; equivalent repair parts and used equipment for Garret, Mission, Elliott, Varco, Airesearch, Continental, Guiberson type replacement parts  and more.

Mud Pump Liners:

Mud Pump Spares; Mud Pump Consumables - "L" Modules - We sell high quality mud pumps spares, mud pump parts, and mud pump expendables including; mud pump liners and mud pumps pistons. They are competitively priced and have an outstanding service life. Manufactures include; Brewster, Continental Emsco, Ellis Williams, Gaso, Gardner Denver, IDECO, National, Oilwell, OPI, Wheatley, and Wilson.

Mission Mud Pump Liners:

Mission type mud pump liners. We are one of the few companies worldwide specializing in; and stocking “Mission” type high temperature mud pump liners. Our "Mission" type liners are formulated with two rare metals not found in common everyday liners. All of our "Mission" type mud pump liners include the seal ring and are individually packed for immediate export, offshore or domestic oilfield use. Manufactured to OEM specifications, our Mission type Discharge Module and Mission type Suction Module come complete with studs and nuts installed.

Mud Pump Expendables:

Titan Oil Tools is major supplier of expendables for mud pumps. We stock pistons, seats, valves for popular brand duplex mud pump parts and triplex mud pump parts. Call us for all your mud pump expendables.

Mud Pump Parts and Mud Pump Spares:

We supply Wheatley mud pump parts, Ideco mud pump parts, Emsco mud pump spares and Gardner Denver mud pump parts and many more manufacturers. Call us for quality and the best prices.

Mission type "L" Modules:

Mission “L” Module for A-1400-PT / A-1700PT Fluid End Module. Manufactured to OEM specifications, our Mission type  Discharge Module and Mission type Suction Module come complete with studs and nuts installed.

Swab Cups:

We supply quality swabbing equipment which may include the swabbing assembly, shut-off valve on the well, also called a swabbing valve and also the lubricator. Parts may include Guiberson style oil tools replacement parts under the Titan name. Titan brand has equal specifications to Guiberson oil tools and is made in the USA. We can provide replacements for Guiberson Rope Sockets, Guiberson Hydraulic Oil Savers, Guiberson Safety Tools, Guiberson Sinker Bars, and Guiberson Tubular Jars.

Swab Cups and more:

We provide Guiberson type swab cups, with equivillent specs as Guiberson Casing Swab Cups, Type J Guiberson Swab Cups, HPR Guiberson Swab Cups, Knuckle Joint Casing Swab, Casing Swab Mandrel, Tubing Swab Mandrels, and much more. Please call us for specifics.

Blowout Preventer parts:

Blowout preventer parts, Blowout preventer spares and blowout preventer replacement parts made in the USA. Our BOP parts , BOP spares, feature outstanding quality. We have Cameron BOP parts, Hydril BOP parts and Shaffer BOP parts.

Downhole Tools:

Downhole tools for high-performance torque reduction and hole enlargement. These tools also will provide a major resistance reduction. Call us for genuine GE drilling motors, motor optimizers, mud motors, shock subs, drilling jars, downhole tool data loggers and more.

Elliott Steam Turbine Parts:

Elliott steam turbine parts have a reputation as one of the most reliable and versatile  in the industry. Elliott steam turbine parts have rugged designs and are built to perform for years of reliable service. Steam turbines have extreme value and work well in a broad range of mechanical and power generation applications, around the world 24X 7 365 days per week.

Oilfield Parts and Components:

We can find what you need to keep operations running smoothly no matter where you are in the world. Titan Oil Tools will ensure reliability and customer satisfaction for every olifiled part. 
OIlfield supply parts include: Hydraulic gate valves, hydraulic check valves, blowout preventer parts, BOP parts, mud pump parts, mud pump spares, drawworks parts, drawworks tubing drum, drawworks bearings, drawworks seals.

Shaffer BOP Parts:

Need Shaffer BOP parts or USA equivalents, then call Titan Oil Tools. If we do not have what you need in stock we will get it for your Shaffer LWS BOP parts quickly. Buy seal kits, sealing parts, rings, pistons and more for Shaffer LWS BOP.

Cameron BOP Parts:

Cameron BOP parts or USA equivalents are field-replaceable and the system may be field removed change-out without removing the BOP from the stack. Call for parts needed for the BOP Stack, Choke Manifold, BOP Control Systems, and Pressure Gauges.

Cameron Valves:

We sell only the best quality, high durability valve parts for Cameron Valves. All of our Cameron  valve parts are made in the USA. Our valve spares offer exceptional quality and peformance.

Hydril BOP Parts:

Hydril invented the first hydraulically operated BOP in about 1933 and has been making innovations since that time call us for Hydril Blowout preventer parts and Hydril BOP parts. Call us for Hydril Annular BOP parts or USA equivalents, Hydril Type Ram BOP parts or USA equivalents.

AiResearch Parts:

Titan Oil Tools can provide AiResearch gas turbine parts and AiResearch gas turbine industrial turbochargers. Make your gas turbine the most efficient combustion turbine with our AiResearch turbochargers and gas turbine parts. AiResearch Gas turbine turbocharger parts achieve a higher degree of efficiency than other types of gas turbines.

Garrett Turbine Parts:

We are your source to get Garrett turbine parts and Garrett gas turbine parts. We specialize in industrial Garrett turbine components that will improve the operating quality of your operations. Call if you need help for your Garrett turbine.