Blowout Preventer Spares

Blowout Preventer Spares

Selling this product representing the following manufacturers:

Titan Oil Tools, LLC. sales its own brand of high quality after market Blowout Preventer parts and Blowout Preventer replacement parts.  Proudly made in the USA, our Blowout Preventer spares and Blowout Preventer replacement parts, feature competitive pricing and with outstanding performance. Manufactures include: Cooper Cameron, Hydril and Shaffer LWS.

We supply many different types of BOP Stack spares for several different manufacturers.  Including: Cooper - Cooper Cameron  - Cameron BOP - Hydril BOP - Shaffer BOP - Shaffer LWS BOP.  Below is a list of key categories of BOP Stack spares and BOP Stack equipment that we supply.

BOP Stack

  • Annular BOP
  • BOP Control Hoses
  • Casing Head Housing
  • Casing Head Spool
  • Check Valve
  • Diverters
  • Double Ram BOP
  • Drilling Spool
  • Flanges
  • Hydraulic Gate Valve
  • Kill Lines
  • Manual Gate Valve
  • Packing Elements
  • RAM Assemblies
  • RAM Rubbers
  • Ring Gaskets
  • Rotating BOP
  • Single Ram  BOP
  • Spherical BOP
  • Type U

Choke Manifold

  • Choke Control Console
  • Drilling Choke
  • Gate Valves
  • Hydraulic Gate Valve
  • Manual Gate Valve
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Standpipe Pressure Gauges
  • Transmitters

BOP Control Systems

  • Accumulators
  • Choke Panels
  • Closing Unit
  • Brake
  • Hammer Unions
  • Manifolds
  • Mud Pumps
  • Pipe Rack
  • Remote Control Panel
  • Sand Line
  • Spare Parts
  • Swivel Joints
  • Wireline Units

Pressure Gauges

  • Degasser
  • Mud Tanks
  • Mud Valves

Blowout Preventers (Cooper Cameron Hydril Shaffer LWS BOP)

  • Manufacture of B.O.P. spares, B.O.P. spare parts, and supplier of original BOP parts, for Shaffer LWS, Cameron, Hydril RAM and Annular BOP’s.
  • Ram shaft and locking shaft seal assemblies, ram shafts, locking shafts, pistons, locking segments, door seals, cylinders and hinge bracket assemblies.
  • Ram holders, ram blocks, retracting screws and most ram rubbers.
  • 13-5/8”-10,000 PSI WP upper and lower type 72 shear ram rubbers and assemblies.
  • Supplier of patented door seals for the 13-5/8”-10,000 PSI WP, 11”-15,000 PSI WP, 16-3/4”-10,000 PSI WP, 18-3/4”-10,000 PSI WP, 21-1/4”-5,000 PSI WP
  • Bonnet seals for Cameron Ram BOP's and Hydril Style Ram BOP’s.
  • Repair kits for Shaffer type ram BOP (blowout preventers).
  • Shaffer type 4-1/16”-10,000 PSI snubbing ram blocks and snubbing inserts.
  • Complete 4-1/16” 10,000 PSI WP annular BOP with patented sealing element.
  • Hinged bracket assemblies and other related parts.

Shaffer Type Rotating BOP

  • Replacement parts for the type 79 rotating BOP (blowout preventer).

Shaffer Type Sealing Elements

  • Sealing elements and seal kits with wear band for Shaffer Type annular BOP, pistons, adapter rings, and other major parts.

Drilling Choke & Kill Valves

  • Shaffer Type valve replacement parts, including: gates and seal assemblies, pistons, cylinders, complete seal kits, stems, bushings, and all standard valve parts for H2S and standard service.

Motion Compensation Products

  • Complete riser tensioners, including: 16K guideline tensioners, 80K, 100K, and 125K riser tensioners.
  • Replacement parts for the Shaffer type drill string compensators, riser, and guideline tensioners.
  • Packing - Packings, seals, bearings, repair kits, hoses, fittings, sight gauges, rod and piston bearings, bolting, ball valves, piston rods, and complete cylinder assemblies.

    Hydril Type Ram BOP & Hydril Annular BOP

    • Replacement parts. Including: complete repair kits for the RAM BOP 11”-5M, 13”-5M, and 13”-10M RAM BOPs.
    • 11”-5M and 13-5/8”-10M type 91 door seals which have annealed square wire anti-extrusion rings built into the seals.
    • Bonnet seal kits, hinge seal kits, lock, mechanical (ram shaft) cylinders and various machined and/or molded parts.
    • 11”-3/5M long life, Easy Out front packers and top seals.

      BOP Control Systems

      • Varco - Shaffer
      • Koomey
      • ABB Offshore

      This above represents an overview of the blowout preventer parts and blowout preventer spare parts or blowout preventer replacement parts that we offer.  Please contact us ff you do not see the BOP Stack replacement parts / BOP Stack listed for your Cameron Blowout Preventer / Cameron BOP / Cameron Annular BOP / Double Ram BOP, Hydril Blowout Preventer / Hydril BOP / Hydril RAM BOP / Hydril Annular BOP, or Shaffer Blowout Preventer / Shaffer BOP / Shaffer Annular BOP.