Guiberson Blowout Preventers

Guiberson Blowout Preventers

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The Guardian Series Hydraulic Blowout Preventer has been specifically designed for workover rigs. It can be used with 6” 600, 6” 900 and 6” 1500 series equipment and well heads. (Rated for working pressures of 2,000 psi, 3,000 psi, and 5,000 psi, respectively). In addition to testing and inspection, the high-quality, cast preventer body is structurally analyzed using the finite element method. The Guardian BOP meets all NACE and API requirements for internal sour gas service.

This is an overall rugged, compact blowout preventer featuring a unique sliding door which provides quick and easy ram change without the use of bolts. Rams are accessed by simply pulling a lock pin and cranking a
rack and pinion. All hydraulic passages are internal in the preventer body and cylinder end plate. Connecting tubes between end plates and body are rugged and well protected. The piston rods are colmonoy coated to provide dependable and corrosion resistant service.

NOTE: Type T and G are the only BOPs currently offered by Weatherford

Guiberson’s compact blowout preventers are specifically designed for well servicing, workover, and light drilling. They seal tight against well pressure up to 3,000 psi and close and open easily and positively with either manual or hydraulic control. The ram assemblies in Guiberson preventers assure a positive, complete seal. The rams are designed to position the pipe at the center of the unit. The non-rising ram feed screws in Guiberson preventers are hollow for full pressure equalization. This important feature assures that preventers operate easily and positively, even under peak pressure. The heavy Acme threads on these screws feed smoothly and will not foul with residues or junk.

CAUTION: Do not open BOP under pressure!

Type ‘H-1’ Hydraulic BOP

Quick Change Packing Rubber

Guiberson preventer rams can be changed quickly and easily, even while the pipe is in the hole. Only six nuts are unscrewed to remove either end plate. With end plates removed, both ram assemblies are accessible. The new packing rubber then slips easily into the ram assembly. No tools are required to install the new rubber. The packing rubber is strengthened by a molded-in plate.

Guiberson preventers are fabricated for high burst resistance of tough, heat-treated cast steel and are compact and easy to handle. Because the flange bosses are cast integrally with the preventer body, the extra space and weight of separate flange necks is eliminated. With this compact design, each Guiberson preventer stands only 11-1/2” high. Four cast-in lifting hooks on the body make lifting and moving easy.

Flexible, Economical Duals
Only Guiberson preventers provide the added safety of a double unit without the extra cost of integral double units or the waste of space caused by inter-connecting spools. The patented tie bolt system in these preventers allows them to be stacked directly, either parallel or at right angles to each other. This design gives the operator maximum flexibility in positioning the units for most convenient operation and most efficient use of space. Only four tie bolts are needed to stack the preventers. These tie bolts fit flush with the top and bottom of the housing, eliminating interference with wing valves and other equipment. Stacked Guiberson preventers provide the ultimate in compactness. Two units stacked and ready for service are less than 24 inches high.

Hydraulic Preventer
Guiberson’s hydraulically operated blowout preventer combines all the features of the mechanical with virtually instantaneous hydraulic operation. With 2,000 psi hydraulic pressure, it closes in less than 2 seconds. Available with dual controls for both rig floor or remote operation, it can be operated from the rigs hydraulic system or, using a separate pump-accumulator system, from separate pneumatic, electric, gas, or diesel powered equipment. Hydraulic preventers are supplied with supplementary manual controls which allow the rams to be locked positively, once closed, and provide an alternate closing mechanism for added safety.

Hydraulic Conversion Units
By simply removing nuts at each end to exchange the end plates, any Guiberson preventer may be converted to hydraulic operation. Ram assemblies are not changed when converting from manual to hydraulic operation.