Guiberson Hydraulic Oil Savers

Guiberson Hydraulic Oil Savers

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Guiberson hydraulic oil savers strip fluids from the wireline, cut costs by saving valuable oil, and promote safety by minimizing danger of explosion or fire at the well site. Hydraulic Oil Savers are available in several types to meet every stripping requirement. Guiberson hydraulic oil savers use a special oil, gas, and abrasion resistant, one piece rubber for efficient, low-cost oil removal.

Series ‘H’ savers are operated by the field-proven piston principle; there are no troublesome bladders or complicated mechanisms. All savers have an extra-large rubber and generous bushings for smooth, constant seal and maximum utilization of each rubber.

Series ‘H’ savers offer a 2-1/2 in. ram stroke with spring actuated return. All provide non-sparking alloy bushings, which are interchangeable between top and bottom assemblies and spring clipped together for easy installation and removal. Rubbers in Guiberson hydraulic savers can be changed quickly, with no lost motion. A simple yoke allows access to the rubber through the top of the housing. There are no threaded connections. A full fifty foot extension hose, provided with each unit (twenty-five foot hose available on special order), makes true remote control of Guiberson hydraulic savers possible. Remote operation keeps personnel away from the line, lowering the risk of a dangerous accident.

Series ‘H’ savers are available with 2-3/8 in. EUE, 2-7/8 in. EUE, or 3-1/2 in. O.D. LP 8V field connections, and all savers may be adapted from one connection to another simply by changing the base. Each complete saver includes a hydraulic-fluid-filled hose with quick change connections and a check valve at each end. A large capacity pump is also included. The accurate pressure gauge of this pump is carefully calibrated. The pump is also filled with fluid at the factory, making the entire oil saver assembly ready to operate as soon as it is installed.

Type ‘H’ Oil Saver
The Type ‘H’ is a 1,500 psi working version of Guiberson’s single stripper hydraulic oil saver and has proven reliable in thousands of installations throughout the well servicing industry. Fabricated of machined steel components, with anti-spark bushings, the Type ‘H’ saver combines all the important advantages listed above. The Type ‘H’ saver is available for 2-3/8 in. and 2-7/8 in. O.D. tubing and 3-1/2 in. O.D. line pipe. An optional guard, to protect the hydraulic fitting on the saver, is available. The Type ‘H’ oil saver rubber is specially compounded of oil-resistant rubber and is designed to give a positive seal with long-wearing qualities.

Type ‘HS5’ and ‘HS10’ Oil Savers
These hydraulic oil savers are designed for the higher pressures now commonly found in wireline operations. The Type ‘HS5’ is rated at 2,500 psi working pressure, and the Type ‘HS10’ at 5,000 psi. With constructions similar to the Type ‘H’ saver, both units are fabricated of high strength components to meet the added demands of these higher pressures. Both combine all the advantages of other Guiberson hydraulic savers.

Type ‘HD’ Oil Saver
The Type ‘HD’ saver offers the added safety and convenience of double line stripping. Similar in design to the Type ‘H’, the longer body of the Type ‘HD’ accommodates two complete sets of stripper rubbers and bushings and provides a 1 in. NPT drain connection between the rubbers.  Rated at 1,500 psi working pressure, the ‘HD’ combines its outstanding double stripping action with all the other important advantages of Guiberson hydraulic savers.