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Safety Tools

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Safety Tools

Type ‘C’ Releasing Attachment

The Type ‘C’ releasing attachment provides a safe, simple automatic release for Guiberson Wireline Oil Savers. The Type ‘C’ locks the saver securely to the tubing, lubricator, or rotating circulation head while tools are in the hole and needs no adjustment in operation. It releases automatically when the rope socket contacts the locking dog. The Type ‘C’ will not trip under pressure, nor will it leak while pulling swabs, core barrels, or surveying instruments.

Casing and Tubing Overload Relief Valves

(For Use On Standard Swabs Only)
For use in heavy-load swabbing, these valves act as bypass valves for maximum efficiency going in the hole. They also release excess fluid head, preventing overloading of swabs and cups when lifting heavy loads. Excess fluid relief takes place through an internal, spring-loaded, shim adjusted relief valve.

Settings may be adjusted by use of shims beneath the valve spring (see
tables). These valves resist corrosion and abrasion to assure long, trouble free valve service.

The relief valve should be set to support a slightly greater fluid column than is normally pulled. The valve then serves as a regular bypass system and the relief feature is not used. Should the fluid column exceed the valve setting, the relief valve opens as the swab starts out of the hole, relieving the excess load. When desired fluid head has been attained, the relief valve closes and swabbing proceeds. The valve responds only to fluid pressure, not to line load. To keep line loads the same, relief valves on larger swabs must be adjusted to support a shorter fluid column than those on smaller swabs.