Guiberson Sinker Bars and Tubular Jars

Sinker Bars and Tubular Jars

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Sinker Bars

Guiberson steel sinker bars are available in 7/8 in., 1-1/8 in., 1-1/2 in., and 1-3/4 in. diameters and are stocked in lengths of five, ten and twenty feet. Other lengths are available on special order. High strength, heat-treated sinker bars of cold finished alloy steel are also available in 1-1/8 in. and 1-1/2 in. diameters on special order. Heat-treated sinker bars are stenciled with the letter ‘H’ for identification.

Tubular Jars

Tubular Jars Guiberson tubular jars make swabbing safer by allowing a full 20 in. or 30 in. stroke to jar loose accidentally stuck swabs. These steel jars provide heavy hammer surface that will not kink or lock up due to twist. Their piston construction allows both swivel and knuckle action, ensuring trouble free operation and longer swab cup life. Large ports allow free circulation and eliminate sanding up.