Guiberson Tubing Swab Mandrels

Guiberson Tubing Swab Mandrels

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Tubing Swab Mandrels 
Guiberson tubing swabs have set industry performance standards for nearly a half century. Today, Guiberson’s wide selection of  swabs and cups assures the right combination for every swabbing application, from light load, shallow well service to the heaviest loads and the deepest wells.

Knuckle Joint Swab 
The original Guiberson Knuckle Joint Swab allows cups to be changed in just 10 seconds.  To disassemble, the mandrel is lifted 90° and the two sections of the joint are separated. The old cup can then be removed rapidly and the new one dropped in place. There are no threads on the swab knuckles, no danger of damage and galling, and no tools needed to change cups. 

Made of tough, cast, heat-treated steel, the Knuckle Joint Swab provides a large external bypass for fast falling and uses the cup itself as a valve. As many mandrels and cups as desired may be run with the Knuckle Joint. Upper mandrels are keyed to hold the joint sockets in line, and square shoulders reinforce the joint, preventing spreading under load. The rigidity of the joint absolutely prevents jackknifing and disassembly in the well. The lower mandrel allows a full 360° swivel action. Adapted as necessary, all Guiberson tubing swab cups except the Type ‘J’ may be run on this swab. 

Standard Tubing Swab 
A fast falling, threaded, internal bypass swab, the Guiberson Standard Swab uses two cups on its one-piece mandrel. Its large bypass area and full-opening check valve assure rapid running and smooth, trouble-free swabbing. The corrosion-resistant ball and steel seat seal perfectly under long, tough service. A no-go, machined as a part of the bottom retaining nut, prevents sticking in sating nipples and tight spots. This no-go may be machined off when additional clearance is desired. Adapted as necessary, all Guiberson tubing swab cups may be run on the Standard Swab. 

Type ‘UF’ Tubing Swab 
The ‘UF’ is a threaded joint, external bypass swab, similar to the Knuckle Joint, except that it is threaded. A forged, heat-treated steel assembly, the 2-3/8” and larger ‘UF’ swabs are ideal in applications where internal bypass is not suitable. The 2-1/16” and smaller sizes are ideal for swabbing in small diameter tubing. In sizes smaller than 2-3/8”, ‘UF’, ‘MV’, and ‘TA’ cups are available for this application. In the larger tubing sizes, all Guiberson tubing swab cups (adapted as necessary) except the Type ‘J’ may be used.