Guiberson Type GW Packer Cups

Guiberson Type GW Packer Cups

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Type GW Packer Cups

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Standard GW
Type GW Standard packer cup is a directional packing element that automatically seals, packing off and holding pressure on the side toward which the lip is pointed. The lip readily passes fluid in the opposite direction, acting as a casing check valve. Developed after many years of research experience and specialization in the manufacturing of flexible-lip, basket-type cups, this pressure seal packer cup is molded of a special oil and gas resistant compound. It has a strong, flexible-lip of oversize diameter, so that an immediate compression of the cup against the casing is obtained for instantaneous and positive sealing. The cup is reinforced with molded-in spring steel wires, interlocked in a metal bushing to seal and hold high pressures. The greater the differential across a GW cup, the tighter the cup seal. The Standard cup is used on the Standard GW packer.

Special GW

The Special Type GW cup has an extra thick wall for extremely rugged well service, such as high pressure cementing and formation fracture processes. It fits the Special GW packer.

Standard Heavy-Duty and Special Heavy-Duty GW

Heavy-duty cups are available in both the Standard and Special types. These cups have thicker lips, are more heavily reinforced, and are molded from compounds specifically formulated for heavy-duty applications. These cups work on the Standard and Special GW packers, respectively.

Heavy Duty GWD

The GWD is a heavy-duty packer cup that incorporates two rows of interlocking steel springs as molded-in reinforcement. This unique design makes the cup especially effective in high pressure, rugged applications such as testing and fracturing. This cup fits the Standard GW packer.