Guiberson Unions

Guiberson Unions

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Guiberson offers a complete line of unions, designed and built to provide the fastest, most convenient, and safest coupling available.

Available in a wide range of sizes, with tubing or line pipe threads, Guiberson unions are made of extra-strength alloy steel with durable rubber components developed in the Guiberson rubber laboratories. Guiberson wing nut unions have three lugs instead of the usual two, allowing faster, more convenient hammering up regardless of nut position or space restrictions. Maximum strength and ease in making and breaking connections is assured by use of heavy-duty Acme threads at the seal connection. Full thread profile is maintained throughout the connection to ensure easy starting and eliminate thread damage that occurs when the crest of the first thread diminishes.

Mating sealing surfaces are conical to provide a tight seal even when the two parts are not perfectly aligned. This important feature allows standard Guiberson unions to be used in many applications where special misalignment type unions would otherwise have to be employed. Tight sealing blanking plugs are available for all Guiberson unions. These plugs can be furnished in plain versions, or with 1/2 in. pipe connections for gauges, etc.

Seal-O-Matic Unions
Guiberson Seal-O-Matic unions are available in 10,000 psi CWP. Seal-O-Matic unions use a special rubber seal ring for positive sealing with minimum torque. This ring snap-fits into a detent within the hub to prevent its loss.

Seal-O-Matic unions are available in 1 in. to 4 in. line pipe sizes.