GW-SC Packer Cup

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The "GW" swab cup also known as "GW-SC", is the cup to use when lifting the last drop from a well. In tubing sizes 2 3/8" - 4" the swab cup and the "GW-SS" cup are the same; with the same wire-loop reinforcing and the same tough nitrile rubber. In casing size cups 4 1/2" and larger) the "GW-SC" is molded from the same tough nitrile rubber as the "GW-SS", but there are no wires in the "GW-SC" casing cups.


* FHD-GW: For a Heavy Duty Flurocarbon Cup, replace "-001" with "-003" (ex. TI-54864?001 becomes TI-54864-003). 
** SEAL-GW: Has a smaller I.D. with o-ring for sealing insurance; on cups 10 3/4" & larger they do not have a smaller I.D., but if an oring is desired add a -007 to the base part number (ex. TI-14246 becomes TI-14246-007

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