Oilfield Valve Parts: Partial List of OEM Equivalent Drawings

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Valves and valve parts that are OEM specification equivalents for Cameron valves, Demco valves, Shaffer valves and others, for gate valve, check valve, butterfly valve, choke & mud valve applications. Also lubricants, pulsation dampener and Koomey accumulator parts.

Gate Valves

    Check Valve, Relief, Reset and Back Pressure Valves

    Mud Valves

      Choke Valves and Parts

        Valve Lubricant /Grease Guns


        Our wide range of oilfield parts and oilfield supplies are of exceptional quality, made in the USA, OEM specification equivalents, and are API and ISO certified. Titan Oil Tools can also provide a comprehensive procurement service for the, petrochemical, oil & gas industries including emergency spare parts.

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